Clearance Offer

Our offer is aimed at companies dealing with a turnover abroad.

On the basis of a granted authorization, we offer You keeping a complex custom service, particularly:

  • carrying out customs clearance in accordance with export and import procedure,
  • carrying out customs clearance with the implementation of the EU export refunds (Common Agriculture Policy),
  • carrying out customs clearance in accordance with transit procedures (T1, T2 document),
  • granting a guarantee on custom′s debt according to the transit and turnover admittance procedure,
  • discharging of customs duties, tax duties and other related to recording goods before customs office in the name of our contractors,
  • filling in TIR, ATA cards, CMR consignment notes,
  • issuing certificates of origin, EUR 1 and ATR documents, T5 and WPR 1 documents,
  • confirmation of authentic 3 SAD EX cards (as the basis for the VAT invoice deduction in export) for customers performing an export procedure with the implementation of the Common Transit Procedure,
  • appealing and lodging other applications being a subject of the examination by Custom and Excise authorities,
  • applying for obtaining permissions,
  • customs duty counseling.

We provide services of a custom duty storehouse of great areas.

We bear financial responsibility for all the service.